• Maybe you don’t have a web site, but you would love to have one.
  • Perhaps you have a website, but you think it is time for an upgrade, to make it look better
  • You want a site that is easy to navigate and easy to find.
  • You want a site that looks good on any device–a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


  • I can build a website for you that is attractive, easy to navigate, and modern.
  • I can create a site for you that is large or small, simple or complex.
  • My websites are responsive, meaning they will look good on any device.
  • I will work with you, to make sure you get the site, and the service, that you are looking for.
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I don't have a website. Do I really need one?
Maybe not. Perhaps your business has enough customers already. Or maybe you feel like you can get enough exposure on the Web with a Facebook page, Google+, or a similar account.

But I suggest you consider how much it is costing you not to have a site. Here are some things to consider.

  • The Yellow Pages are dead. Almost no one uses them to locate business or services that they need any more. What are you doing to replace your ad in the Yellow Pages?
  • Even if you don’t have your own site on the Web, your business is on the Internet. If you don’t have your own website, people will still search for you on the web. They will find is what others are saying about you. They might see a rating on Yelp. Or a discussion on a bulletin board or email list.  There are hundreds of ways that people can talk about you on the web. If you have your own website, you can set the tone of the conversation.
  • The Web is the most effective tool for marketing today. It is replacing the “old media” tools of print, television and radio. It provides great return on your investment. A small investment will give you a constant source of visibility.  Your site can enable you to continue to interact with your customers for a long time.
Why does my site seem old?
Many sites look stale. They have been around a long time, are static, and don’t encourage visitors to interact. Some sites have a “mass-produced” feel to them. They look like they came from a common template. Were they manufactured in the same factory that produced hundreds of other sites?

Sites can also look unattractive or unappealing to current tastes. The dayglow color schemes and flashing banners that were popular in the young days of the Internet, look shocking to our modern eyes.

Often it is hard for people using a site to navigate their way around. This can make it hard for them to find the information they want. Many older sites were not built with user interaction in mind.

Too many sites are still built as if everyone who visits will be viewing them on a desktop computer. But many users, perhaps even a majority, will be arriving at the site using their phone, tablet or similar device.  Users get frustrated, when they have to pinch, scroll and squint at their screens. They quickly go elsewhere.

Will my site be easy for people to use?
Yes! Too many folks don’t worry enough about making it easy for people to find their way around a site.  I will work hard to make sure that information isn’t hidden.  I work with you to design menus and other navigation aids that  make sense.  Let’s make sure people can find the information that they are looking for.
Will people easily find my site?
Yes. Absolutely.  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization–which means making your site rise to the top of results returned by Google or other search engines–is a complicated art.  Specialists can charge hefty prices with promises to boost your rankings on search engines.

Good content, carefully crafted page titles, site-navigation that is simple and sensible and similar efforts go a long way toward optimizing your search engine rankings. The site I make for you will have good SEO features. If you are in need of a continuing plan for SEO, I can help guide you to specific experts that you can hire for that ongoing service. However, most organizations find that this is not necessary for their sites.

How does website hosting work?
A “host” is a company that provides the servers (hardware) where your website’s computer code actually lives. If you have an existing site, and you are happy with your current hosting service, we will  try to set up your redesigned site there. In some cases it might be necessary to move to a better host.

If you need brand new hosting, I am happy to help you set up an account with a good service.  I can also provide you with my personalized hosting. There is a modest fee for this. I provide personalized hosting by contracting for volume discounts with major reputable companies.

How do we get started?

Get in touch with me.  Start by filling out the contact from below.The form will give me an idea what you would like to do, then we can get started. It will be sent to me automatically by email.

I will get back in touch.

More about me

More about me

Bob Lucore

I take pride in building carefully designed and constructed website for individuals, nonprofit groups, progressive candidates and community groups and small businesses. I utilize tools like WordPress, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. (If you don’t know those terms, don’t worry. You don’t need to.)

After working for many years as an economist, in both academia and for various labor unions, I went back to school to get a Masters in Library and Information Science. I specialized in web technologies, and spent two years on the staff of the Web Technology Team for the Information School at San José State University. This experience taught me that I love making websites, and I would like to make one for you. You can find out more about me personally at boblucore.me, or by checking out my Linkedin profile. You can contact me using the form on the left.
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